Global Career Management a fraud company for its employees who work there

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I joined Global Career Management in June'2013 at Behala chowrasta. They do not pay their employees salaries / or pay them half the salary that too in an elongaated period of time. When they make offer letter to the Candidates they tell that they will pay on a prorate basis ie if an employee gives for Eg Rs 20000 billing then he/she will get Rs.3000 ie per thousand you need to give Rs 7000 billing ie 7 times the salary. I got my June month salary on 23rd-July & that too only half the salary. In fact they dont give salary to their 4th class employees too. Those poior souls complaining. It is better to beg in the streets than joining there

Their policy is they delay the salary as much as possible and pay as little as possible and that too after lot of arguments with each employee and mental torture. This way they ensure that the employee sticks with them as much as possible and they ensure that they get as much work as possible from the employee and they know that most of them leave within 2 months and they have a pipeline to go on taking interviews to hire more people who are say unemployed or don't have a job for some reasons or the other. They tap those people and continue exploiting them

My name is Animesh Chakraborty a very senior person in recruiting. I joined them as I thought they were matching my salary expectations. They paid only half the salary for June month towards end of July. So I had to leave only with that and leave out the whole of July month Salary

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India #858038

Hi, Mr.Animesh Chakraborty,

I have got a offer from global career management.

They told me that they will give me half of my present salary. They also told me the prorate basis offer letter. But i think something is wrong in that company. so, I am not joining to this company.

My email id is you please provide me your mail id and contact no?

Global Career Management scam

Colorado Springs, Colorado 25 comments
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I too was scammed by Global Career Management.When I moved to Colorado Springs in 2005 I posted in Dice and

A few weeks later I got an email from GCM saying they can help me. I went in and was told that GCM had the in to all the good companies in the city. I paid $6000 for what I could have read on line of gotten form a book. I had 7 sessions and then got a job from a recruiter with nothing from GCM.

I thought they would market me to companies. No instead you have to do everything. Research companies from old databases and do cold calling. My 7 sessions were not worth $6000 my any means.

Then, after I got a job on my own they wanted hiring managers and CIO names. This was a pressure sell. They don't say "read the contract and sign just sign it. After reading I saw they do nothing to help you find a job and no refund.

This place is really a rip-off. Check out rip-off for more. No I got an email from Rip-off saying GCM want to make things right with all the complaints.

Sent in my info and haven't heard a word.I want my money back minus the 7 sessions which I think was worth about $500

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Browning Associates - any comments?

to BJ #593501

I am looking for information on Browning Associates. Not sure if it is the "real" thing or a scam. Any comments would be appreciated.


to Sean #670174

Hi Sean,

I am now in a similar situation as you were back in January. Did you go with Browning Associates?

to Sean #809157

Did you ever find anything out about Browning Associates?

I can't find anything on them via internet. No reviews anywhere that I can see.


to Sean Texas, United States #1102441

what did you find out?

to Sean Kissimmee, Florida, United States #1244640

I know this is late, but stay away from Browning & Associates.

Pay someone to redo your resume, hire a business coach and save thousands of dollars. Help spread the word to save people thousands dollars!!!!!!!!!!

to BJ #836170

DONT USE THIS SERVICE!Browning Associates is run by someone who, after I paid my full fee, threatened to call my employer and report me to the credit agency after I requested a refund because I wasn't happy with the service.

I reported them to the Better Business Bureau where they lambasted me with insults in their reply and said my husband is emotionally abusive and that is why I wanted a refund. I never got a refund even after they agreed to one with my attorney and they stated in their BBB reply to my complaint that they were happy to settle with me.

There has to be a reason there is absolutely nothing about them online.Perhaps they changed their name or had their information scrubbed?

to Anonymous #1372230

If you have a judgment against them, then I would grab the cancelled check you paid them with and head to the clerk of the court office and file a garnishment.Be sure to take you court ord r d settlement document too.

On the back of your check, you'll find the routing number and their account number for there bank. Show the clerk the judgment and the account numbers, pay the small filing fee and have it executed. I guarantee it will be paid.

Additionally, most reputable firms have refund policies that will give you back your moneies less any expenses.

This company approached me the other day and the reason you don't see much is because they use a reputation management team to control the. Statice online feedback similar to the way yelp operates. The rep management team goes in and eliminates all of the bad press on a company.

It's legal, but you can manage your reputation too.It takes time, but it's easy enough.


Please don't remove this post -- we were scammed by the company this group morphed into when Global Career Management dropped off the globe -- in 2012!


Is Browning Asscoaites a scam also?? pls advise asap.


Browning Asscoaites, any comments?


This company, which also goes by ITS (specifically to avoid being searched online, which is actually pretty smart), New Careers Online, and I'm sure 20 other fake names, is a complete fraud. They cannot help you get a job and their templates are actually a negative and you will get no consideration from emloyeers if you use them. I was taken by their promises and lies, but figured them out after a short time.

The good news is, the scheme is only to rip you off at 50% of what you actually pay, so if you make a stink and get on their case, you can get 50% just takes some time.

Steer clear though. Its a lie and you will be sorry if you write them a check.


GCM and Global Career Management have filed Chapter 7 in CO but are operating under a different name with the same staff at the same DTC location.


Has anyone tried out a different career management company and liked their services?

I have met with CDC and Browning Asscoaites. Their programs are procoer and more hands on, and Browning claims to do it all for you, except of course the interview.

Any input would be appreciated.

to Kev Louisville, Kentucky, United States #580202

I am considering Browning. Did you ever find out if they were legit? They quoted me 17K for their services...

to theo #598969

are you still looking for input on Browning Associates?

to Fred #759719

Considering Browning as we'll for executive job placement. Has anyone used them?


To respond to Kev, I did go through the BBB route when I had my problems with GCM.GCM basically lied, saying they had offered to settle when that was, in fact, not true.

Please remember the BBB is funded by member companies, of which GCM is one. Also, a company can say they tried to appease a customer, but do NOTHING, and maintain their rating with the BBB.

(When I had my business I was a BBB member.Like most, I was honest and very customer oriented, so I actually contacted customers and worked to settle.) I only received a refund from GCM, after over two years, by posting on this web site and continuing to comment.


Has anyone complained to the better business bureau about GCM?The BBB has a good tried and true process for investigating companies that has stood the test of time.

GCM is rated A+ in their system which means no legitimate complaint has been made and proven to be valid.

I am confused.I would be interested in knowing if anyone has tried this.


After Lou Spadoni tried to get me to tell my wife to join his wife's multi-level marketing org I should have know better.

I was taken for $5,000 and too complained about no value for the money. In Seattle, ole Harmon is the enforcer, if you complain in person he'll get in your face about it. It really is a good ***, because after they get your money they simply say you gave or you didn't follow through, so the mark is pissed at him/herself and out a bunch of cash to boot and no closer to the job promised by these GCM jokers.

Steer clear if you have 1/2 a brain, these *** artists are good once your in their offices.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #114415

Please do not remove the post. I fell for their "charms" too, and people need to know they do not deliver what they promise. Are they buying your silence or are you truly satisfied with their service?


The manner in which I portrayed Global Career Management on this site is not accurate and I regret having made the original post.While I did not utilize Global Career Management services for very long, the staff did regularly follow up with me and provide services in line with the agreement.

I respect and appreciate the fact that this firm has worked diligently to achieve a satisfied client.

An amicable resolution between Global Career Management and myself has been achieved.I recognize that the services of Global Career Management are very beneficial for job seekers who want to accelerate their career.


Its clear that once you post a complaint publicly regarding GCM, they will refund your money so that the public doesn't know what their scheme is. Daylight is the best disinfectant.


I have requested the this post about Global Career Management be removed. we are working together to settle the issue and I'm happy with their offer.


I would like to make the statement that GCM is working with me to settle my complaint. They are being very hospitable at resolving this issue

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Global Career Management - Glorified Resume Writer???

Everett, Washington 1 comment
Not resolved

There were a few red flags: quiet office, and a noticeably empty reception desk.My 'consultant' said she was out to lunch at 1:00, but by 2:30 p.m.

she hadn't returned. Another 'consultant' said the receptionist was off that day. The State of WA says that 90% of the job listings are either with them, listed by individual companies, or posted elsewhere on the Internet, yet GCM claims 85% of the untapped job market is available to them.

CAUTION: This is a SCAM company that charges huge fees and may deliver resume or career counselling advice only.All of that you can obtain for FREE at the State of Washington Employment Division.



The VP I was suppose to meet came in late and I had to wait 15 minutes for her to finish up with her earlier meeting.She asked for my resume several times because she keeps misplacing it or didn't feel like going into her office to get my resume.

She is totally unprofessional with a fake *** smile.Run like *** from GCM.

GCM Global Career Management Deceiption

Los Angeles, California 1 comment

Same game plan.Contacted me via my resume on Monster and brought me in for a consulting interview.

Second interview, they had both myself and my wife come in and sold us on the dream placement where they claim to have insider contacts with CEO's around the Colorado area. Then came the payment plan for their fee which they would help me negotiate when I got hired with claims I would be seeing offers in a month or two. After giving half their fee on a credit card the next week they changed the terms and wanted the balance in 6-12 months with 16% interest. I google'd them, read the reviews two weeks too late but immediately cancelled my credit card payment.

Now I'm fighting with them to hold $700 just for a one hour meeting with their career consultant that was that impressive.

Conisdering small claims court or possibly class action?Keep you posted and beware.

Review about: Class Action.



sounds eerily familiar to another career company: Bernard Haldane

That company also harvested resumes from Monster, Brassring, et al. and conducts high pressure interviews with your spouse present, told you they had access to a "hidden job market" then charged you based on how much money you have in the bank (typically between $3500 to $10,000. They too provided a polished-up resume and then had the job-seeker do all the work.

All of this is past-tense because after battling fraud charges in a few states, they folded. They briefly returned in a few places here in colorado as Henderson-Mills Associates, but with the same players and the same tactics HM folded rather quickly.

Now, it seems, these same tactics have had life breathed into them at GCM....sad

Global Career Management - Denver

Denver, Colorado 6 comments
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I worked with Global Career Management out of their Downtown Denver office about 1 1/2 years ago.I was employed, but had recently completed my MBA and wanted to make a career change.

Prior to working with Global Career Mgmt, I had not received ANY interest in my resume (which I thought was very strong). The economic downtown made it difficult for me to get noticed through the seas of resumes HR depts were receiving.

I worked with Global Career Mgmt and received invaluable advice on ways to improve my resume, targeted methods of applying for positions, and interviewing tactics.

I have been in my new position for a year now and am very happy with the company I work for and with the 80% salary jump that I made.When it is time for my next career change, I will use the skills Global Career Mgmt taught me and know that my professional and educational backgrounds will be noticed because I am now a skilled job hunter.

Review about: Career Counseling.



I think this company is an absolute farce and sham....PLEASE PLEASE DONT PAY THEM ANY MONEY ...THEY DONT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU THAT CANT BE HAD BY A 15 MINUTE VISIT TO A LIBRARY AND A FEW BOOKS CAN TELL YOU...I Paid $6300 and still don't you....It is amazing they are still in business


Considering the sales spiel I got from GCM, I must agree with bryoncanfield.Shame on me for expecting what I was told, especially when I had paid almost $6000.

I had my own business for 14 years, and I know when a customer service is reasonable or not.

Also for all of GCM's "successes" they should expect a few failures and act accordingly.That does not mean digging the heals in and refusing to accept the failure.


Yeah, silly me. I had this "unreasonable expectation" that the people at GCM would do what they said they would do.


If you pay thousands of dollars for these services than it isn't a suprise people will have high expectations from GCM. I have not yet encounter anything spectacular about this company.


I do not work at GCM, I actually work at Xcel Energy. I posted my review because I know that disappointed consumers are 100 times more likely to complain and provide negative feedback than pleased consumers are to provide positive feedback. Based on my experience, the negative reviews on this website sound like the opinions of consumers with unrealistic expectations.


Given the other reviews of GCM on this website, it seems highly doubtful this person works anywhere else but GCM.

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Global Career Management - GCM-Arbora, Renn, Cornell & Associates, fraud, misrepresentation, overpriced, amatuer service

Aurora, Colorado 5 comments

These people are slick. Desperate to find a great job, they swoop in like a savior, only to charge thousands and deliver frustration. They are not qualified or certified to do the job they claim.

Want Justice? There is power in numbers. With enough support we can file a Class Action Suit against Renn, Cornell & Associates, Global Career Management, GCM-Arbora, etc.

If you have been ripped off like all of us and are interested in JUSTICE, please contact me at

Looking for others who have been fleeced, frauded, breached or victimized by their deceptive business practices, misrepresentations or bully tactics. If you have taken them to small claims court, reported them to the BBB or asked for a refund - we want to know the outcome.

Whether you are a victim of GCM-Arbora, Global Career Management, Career Management Associates, Renn, Cornell & Associates, Arbora Arizona, TTG Consultants, Voyager Career Solutions, American Career Center, Venturion, R. Davenport & Associates, or Stewart Cooper and Coon, Lincolnshire International, etc. please share the details with us.

Review about: Certification.



I used them in 06 when I was in career transition and really couldn't afford them.I was duped into believing that they were the best at what they do in town.

After a few sessions I was not impressed at all with my consultant and was upset about how little she seemed to care. I couldn't understand how they could have you do a mock interview and not let you keep the tape.

My overall opinion is that they are an overpriced career coaching firm.Way overpriced but they have plenty of vice presidents.


Their 3 month program at $3,000 is more expensive than their one year program at $6,200.They said I could only get a $800 discount for the one year program if I pay the entire $5,400 upfront or pay $2,700 now and $2,700 a month later.

They have a schedule payment plan at 16% interest rate. The program only meets clients one hour per week and a greater part of their communications flows through phone calls and emails than through face to face meetings.

What they offer is nothing new compared to what I learned before like how to write resumes/cover letters and practicing mock interviews.If you do the calculation, the 3 month program charges you $250 an hour for 12 hours and the one year program charges you $100 an hour for 54 hours.


I am shocked at the tactic these ppl use and are not run out of town.

I am also shocked not to find more ppl complaining about them....Scares me to think MAYBE they are ligite....NO ...

NO WAY...for the kind of money they want NO WAY


I just got back from an interview with them (Colorado Springs, CO on North Academy). There was no hard sales tactic not any mention of selling me anything other then one hint that they are a fee based group and those fees would be determined at the next 1 hour meeting. However my situation is a bit different then most peoples. I do not HAVE to work, I'm just bored and was looking and ran into these guys at the Career fair in Colorado Springs last week, I'm a house husband :-)

The guy I met with 'Mike' even admitted that I have no problem without them. He wanted me to think it over, and wants at the next meeting for me to bring my wife along.

He said he would like to hear either way Monday. I think he knows I'm savvy enough that I would look into them. He knows I'm not desperate and I bet he knows I will phone in Monday and say "No Thanks".

His questions did seem to lean towards were most people would say Money. I however am a bit different I said I rather have a job I want as I have the luxury to be picky. I think that threw him.

Pretty much his pitch was they can get me in front of people that make those decisions in hiring and not HR types. Nice to see someone say $7,500...LOL Sorry why on earth would anyone pay that type of money is beyond me.

I'm glad there are sites that say stay away, be nice if people actually posted their horror stories. I'll keep researching, but in no way would I pay thousands for a service, maybe $100 but thousands...LOL


Those idiots called me this week for an interview...I'm gonna play them like the skanky white money ho's that they are

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Global Career Management does nothing can charges thousands

Saint Paul, Minnesota 7 comments
Not resolved

GCM, global career management, pretended to sign up for customer satisfaction and sold you on the possibilities to obtain higher level jobs - this was a complete false illusion.Not only did not they take 4k+ worth of for lack luster consulting advice on career growth, but had the audacity to charge additional fees.

Their consultants are wanna be executive coaches with no practice experience obtaining higher level jobs. All GCM does is rewrite your resume and mail them out to people but returns no results. GCM does not find companies for you and in fact you do all the work finding the companies and opportunities. There is quite literally very little GCM does for you as much as a job board like Monster or the Latter could do.

Global career management is a complete waste of money and time.

Pleaase do not sign up with a bunch of tired and old retirees who do not have any clue on helping people obtain higher level jobs.

Review about: Career Management.



GCM is invisible to employers because they want indiviuals to look like they are doing all the hard work.They empower individuals by making them send in the resumes, cover letters, and do phone calls by themselves.

This way, individuals would know what they sent and when.GCM has zero unique business connections because their clients are individuals not companies.


I was about to go in for an interview and was expecting to pay a good chunk of cash for their services. I hada hunch something wasnt right about these guys and I am thankful all of you shared your stories, although Im sorry you had to endure their scam. Thank you for your help in saving me thousands of dollars I cannot afford to waste

Thung Song, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand #45494

Want Justice - interested in a class action suit? There is power in numbers. email me at


I'm looking for opinions about HCI International, a company that seems similar to GCM. I found two on yelp, but nothing else. Does anyone have experience with them or know where I can find reviews?

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #23186

Please e-mail me directly with your GCM story. I am taking them to small claims court in Seattle at the advice of my lawyer. (GCM ignored his letter, too.)

Whitsett, North Carolina, United States #21151

I am sooooooo glad for you guys to have said this!I was just about to leave for an interview with them and had a bad feeling about it so I googled it and found this out!

I am not going now and am so glad I didn't.I don't need to be kicked when I am down!

White Haven, Pennsylvania, United States #16393

If you do a google search on Global career management this site comes up as #2 hit.

If more people come to this site people will get this site first before GCM's website.

Pissed customer let's keep this page rank up above gcm's website to detrone their useless service.

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Global Career Management Took Me For a Ride, too.

Las Vegas, Nevada 4 comments

Like many others, when my job search was bogging down, I went to Global Career Management in Seattle. I too was told about the "hidden" job market they had access to, the "hiring authorities" they put me in contact with, the recruiter they'd see got my resume, the custom cover letters, the grooming, the "We found so-and-so a position at..." I was told they'd make my job search easy and effective.

Well, it turned into a full-time job in itself. The list of "qualified" "hiring authorities" really weren't on either count. Whenever I raised questions, I felt I got brushed off. I had to ask for a list of recruiters, then most were out of my field. Some were totally bad results. That got excused away, too.

When I wrote of my frustrations on the survey GCM e-mailed to me, my "career counselor" treated me like I had committed a cardinal sin. I was told I hadn't worked hard enough, that my communications skills were bad, and worse.

Global Career Management sells a glossy finished product, but what I got was a brown paper kit.



Thanks for the info - same *** about "the hidden job market".Wanted up front fee and than half after results.


Saw this coming as JMAC - run - don't walk - from thes people.There must be a special place in *** for these creeps - of course even the Devil has some pride.


I received a phone call on my cell from these losers with no vm.I did a reverse look up on under the white pages heading and found the number was this GCM company.

I did a google search on them and came across several postings regarding being ripped off by this company. I promptly called the number and told them they are a scam and to never call my number again. It *** me off at career for giving criminals access to my resume. I have also received scam emails, similar to the nigerian lottery winning emails, from posting my resume on careerbuilder.

Recessions really bring out the criminals and losers from under there rocks. A sad state of affairs! Be careful in your search.

Don't pay for anything that is more than a standard fee, say for a resume redo by a resume professional that you can find on any internet yellow pages, such as or luck.


Welllll folks, it aint happening to me! Thanks to your comments, my (ahem) Denver GCM interview next week will consist of me skewering them with pointed questions, flipping them off & walking out the door.

It seems as though ALL of the scams I've run across here locally in Denver have been done by the usual "vanilla white Xtians" in South Denver .

THREE TIMES I have been approached - no wait, 4 times! - by these people peddling their cheap unscrupulous *** to me.

And what they got in return was a phone slammed back on the hook, a door slammed in their faces , or their e-mails sent straight to the spam box.

White Haven, Pennsylvania, United States #16388

GCM should be ashamed of themselves for ripping off theunemployed and people that want to grow their careers

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Global Career Management - Should have bought lotto tickets instead

Seattle, Washington 7 comments
Not resolved

Being fully aware that Lotto is for the mathematically challenged, I don't typically participate. But in light of the amount of money I basically threw in the toilet by enlisting the "services" of Global Career Managment, perhaps I might have been less a fool to spend all that money on Lotto tickets.

I was shown the big three-ring binder of "success stories" by VP Lou Spadoni (Seattle office), and assured that GCM would not only help me find the right position based on my skills (which seemed to me remarkably dissimilar from the skill sets of any of those represented in the binder), but that they would also "groom" me to negotiate the best conditions in my contract.

All that happened was that I was directed to spend hours and hours coping with the horribly inadequate search capabilities in their on-line database of "unadvertised" jobs of which only a handful were even close to what I was seeking.

More hours wasted mailing dozens of cookie-cutter-style resumes each week resulted in a significant number of returned envelopes marked as being undeliverable -- the database is sadly out of date.

There was never any of the so-called "grooming".

Eventually, I found a mediocre job on my own, through none of their "unadvertised" connections. Had to take something because GCM had bled me dry of all my reserves at a time when I had no employment.

We Won't Be Fooled Again!

Review about: Employment Service.



I think I would actually won the lottery if I had spent my $21,000 on lottery tickets.

But NOOO I was dumb enough to be mesmerised by the schpeel!!



This is the first time I was emailed a notification that anyone else had posted comments here. Wow! I had no idea there were this many responses. But to your question, I suspect it's been to long a time past for me to take any legal action. Plus I doubt I could find an attorney to take the case without money up front. Still haven't fiscally recovered from that -- even had to go through a bankruptcy.


I wish I had known -- probably too late, eh?


I interviewed w spandoni...luckily i needed time to get the cash to use his services...Then I saw this blog...OMG thanks for the most importantly...where can you go? any suggestions?

Arhus, Arhus, Denmark #23182

Please e-mail me directly with your GCM stories. I am taking them to small claims court in Seattle at the suggestion of my lawyer. (They wouldn't even respond to his letters!)

Whitsett, North Carolina, United States #21150

I am sooooooo glad for you guys to have said this!I was just about to leave for an interview with them and had a bad feeling about it so I googled it and found this out!

I am not going now and am so glad I didn't.I don't need to be kicked when I am down!

Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation #16655

Me too.I can't believe how closely Byroncanfield's experience matched my own.

What a dreadful experience just when you feel you need support to findthe right job!

the most demoralizing job search experience of my life.

Don't touch it.

White Haven, Pennsylvania, United States #16389

I got the same experience. GCM is a rip off

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